Who else wants to know How to Grill Rockfish?

Rockfish is a type of fish that is not well known and it is commonly found in the Pacific Ocean. It comes in many different varieties such as black, yellow eye and dusky rockfish and they all have the best meat quality. In addition, it is very simple to prepare and it has different cooking styles and methods of flavoring, you can decide to add simple seasons for mild tasting or you decide to add many different sauces since it has mild flavors that can easily absorbs almost all the other flavors you want add to make it more delicious.

How to Grill Rockfish?

There are several ways of grilling rockfish, for instance it can be grilled on an outdoor barbecue or grilled indoors for dinner. This particular recipe requires it to be marinated with garlic, dried parsley, pepper and tangy lemon for about 25 minutes to infuse the rockfish with flavor. Moreover, marinating the rockfish will keep it tender and mouthwatering. Check out our best rockfish grilling recipe in this article and experience the taste buds that the rockfish has to offer.

  • Marinade and Season the Rockfish

The first to step is marinating the rockfish in the tangy lemon juice, garlic and oil just before grilling. The rockfish should be marinated for at least 25 minutes. You should also ensure you also season your rockfish with pepper, dried parsley and salt for additional flavor. To season, simply rub the olive oil and seasonings over the rockfish for even distribution.

  • Preheat the Grill

The next step is to prepare and clean the grill before you start the grilling process. You should clean the grill using small amount of oil and preheat it to medium heat and high for about 10 minutes while the lid is facing down just before you start the grilling process. You can also consider using a non-stick cooking spray to clean your grill since it will prevent the fish from sticking on the grill while grilling.

  • Grill the rockfish

When your grill is already clean and pre heated, you can now grill your rockfish. Put the rockfish in the middle of your grill then cook till the meat start to flake when probed with a fork. The time for grilling the rockfish is directly proportional to the heating time. That is, the thicker the fish, the more time you need to grill it and the vice versa.

For normal thickness which is normally about an inch, grill for about 10-15 minutes and it should only be turned once for every three minutes on each side. You should grill the rockfish until it is completely cooked both on the inside and outside.

  • Stew the Garlic and Melt the Butter

You can then make the garlic stew and melt your butter for about 5 minutes in a saucepan while stirring continuously. Constantly stirring the mixture is very important to ensure it does not turn brown and you should maintain medium heat. Add garlic to the melted butter and heat till it becomes fragrant.

  • Add flavors to the stew

Adding flavors to your stew is optional and depends on each individual’s preference. Some people prefers adding very many spices for taste, while others just add a few for mild taste. However, whether you are the former or the latter individual, you should consider adding basil, cayenne pepper for taste then you remove the stew from heat and stir it in lemon juice.

  • Pour the garlic butter over the fish

The last step to grilling your rockfish is to pour the garlic butter stew over the fish then serve. This step is also optional as you can still serve it separately on a gravy boat.


Rockfish, has very nice texture and can this kind of grilled rockfish can be perfectly served with grilled asparagus. Rockfish being a unique type of fish, it is sometimes very hard to find and it is mostly found on American fish markets. This sometimes may even make it harder for you to get fresh rockfish. Therefore it is important to note that you should not just buy rockfish from anywhere, to get the best rockfish ensure you purchase them from reputable sources just to make sure they are very fresh.

How to Grill Frozen Hamburger Patties

I usually consider those who own grills to be quite privileged, because with that one kitchen appliance, you’ll no longer have to request for deliveries for any grilled meals because you can have them home-made. One of such foods is hamburgers, but the truth is, it’s not every day that you’ll have the patties fresh especially if you stock them by yourself.

That’s why most people still opt for the frozen ones, because they equally make juicy and healthy treats.  However, to have pieces that taste like the ones at the local joint, it’s important to know how to grill frozen patties, so that you see the value for your money. We will help take your grilling skills a notch higher with the following steps to follow:

Simple Instructions on how to grill frozen hamburger patties

  • Pre-heat the grill

It’s not advisable to place your frozen patties on cold cooking grates. If that is how you have been premiering your grilling sessions, then you must have realized that the patties will be sticking on the grates the moment you fire up the grill afterwards. There are also high chances that you might end up with unevenly cooked meat, because either sides of the patties will be getting the heat at different intervals, as the grill gradually heats up.

Therefore, this is why the first thing you should always do is pre-heat the grill to approximately 325 degrees. This is the average temperature required because when you heat it past that level, the grill will become too hot and you’ll end up with patties that aren’t well done.  Preheating the grill could be a challenge to those who use charcoal or wood pellet grills, but to those who use gas grills, it’s much easier.

 Something to note is that you should do this when you’re ready to begin grilling, because the grill could cool down after a certain duration, so you might need to refill the fuel that you’re using. Well, that’s definitely not safer for your credit card.

  • Separate the frozen patties

Something you have probably noticed is that frozen hamburger patties usually come with papers that separate the layers available. The whole logic behind it is to prevent the pieces from sticking together while in the freezer. I mean, this could even make the separation harder. Away from all that, the question most people ask is: Why separate the burger patties? The answer here is very simple.

With two or more layers, you’ll require extra time and energy to have all the pieces evenly-cooked, and the truth is that, the chances are so minimal. In addition to that, just how big will your hamburger be once you introduce two layers of patties to it? Unbelievable, right? Plus, grilling them while the paper is still intact can contaminate your food. The good thing is that separating them doesn’t require much effort; just accuracy.

If you don’t have any special grilling knives with you, you can just use your regular kitchen knife or any other metallic blade to get the job done. However, this can sometimes be challenging depending on how long the patties have been frozen. Therefore, if you’re having any challenge removing the paper, the best way out is to let the frozen patties sit for some time. Once the ice begins to melt, your work will be simplified.

  • Get the grilling started

Now this is where the heavy load belongs, because for perfectly made hamburgers, you have to grill the patties in a certain way. And for those who love seasoning, this is the time to do it. Before you start wondering how complicated the process is, and especially if you’re a beginner.

There’re only two things that you should pay attention to, and these are: the heat levels and how often you should flip them. I know those who have spent most of their time grilling have mastered the art, and so this shouldn’t be a challenge. Depending on how hot my grill is at different intervals, I usually check on my burgers after every three or five minutes until all my pieces are properly done.

The duration one requires to get everything ready depends on how you like your meat. For example, if you don’t want the patties to be cooked directly under the flames, always target other corners of the grill, until the flare disappears. Another way to put-out the flame is by closing the grill’s lid, and with that you can continue grilling with much ease.


Now, before we come to the end of our read for the day, we have to make certain things clear. There’s no specific cooking time that one is restricted to, and we have already talked about one of the justifications for this. The time also depends on how thick the patties are, and so if yours are unevenly-sized, you have to be extra careful so that one doesn’t end up uncooked, and the other one burnt.

Similarly, leaving the patties in there for more than 30 minutes might just run the juices out. As I wrap this up, I would like to emphasize that our tips on how to grill frozen patties are simply meant to guide you and everything else is determined by one’s preferences.